Okej, Cheeze-It, Chicharon ni Mang juan, Potato chip Vcut, and Potato,

Today I bought snack in the Alfpa mark and the total is ₱119 pesos hihihi😁 I buy snack for later inthe afternoon, because I like eat while watching the horor movie, but I try to find the pop corn in the Alpha mark but I didn’t see it they don’t have a stock a pop corn, so I just no choice if not snack but it’s okay, by the way my favorite snack is Potato chips Vcut, and Chicharon ni Mangjuan and also Potato, thats it

” Good afternoon “

I’m Sorry I’m too late to post,,,

I bought from lazada

My order from lazada, I ordered from lazada since last week’s, 2 weeks before arrived to my apartment and so very to long before arrived, but it’s ok because my item no damage and is it pack of babble wrapped this is good quality and also good for summer because today summer is too hot

I love it


And thank you for delivery boy rider and also seller

Thank you keep safe 🙂

Eating of dinner

but today cook of only fried chicken but fried rice buy to outside

Haaayyyyy finish of cooking fried chicken, I feel it’s so hot after coking and also fried rice buying outside and with coke also and red horse, but by the way am already at dinner now, and ready going to eat of dinner

let’s eat everyone have a good day



Janeoya’s Diary

Good evening

Just finished cooking dinner thanks God.

dinner is ready tonight Delicious and filling nutritious vegetables and fried rice with eggs

Ginataang pakbet, Beff, and chicken curry also with fried rice with egg

Let’s eat guy’s

Fried rice with egg, Ginataang pinakbet, Beff and Chicken curry

Thanks God for today